Vanessa & Selena: Bikini Scenes Were a Breeze


Despite spending months on set in teeny, tiny two-piece swimsuits, the sexy stars of Spring Breakers tell ET it was easy to shed their inhibitions (as well as their clothes) for the risque film.

"It's a little weird, but you get used to it," confessed Vanessa Hudgens. "Everybody's in bikinis too."

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Concerned her three co-stars might feel uncomfortable during the near-naked shoot, Hudgens reveals that she and the girls "were all looking out for each other."

"We made eachother feel really comfortable," affirmed Rachel Korine. "We weren't competitive."

At the end of the day, the gals credit Harmony Korine, the man at the helm of the controversial movie, for instilling within them the courage to leave their fears at the door.

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"Harmony, honestly, was such an amazing director and he became like a best friend," said Hudgens. "He was so supportive. Made it feel so safe. He's such a positive energy that just lights up a room so we had an amazing time."

Mirroring her co-star's affections for their director, Selena Gomez tells ET the abundance of flesh in Spring Breakers is basically a "backdrop" in the film and not worth sensationalizing.

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"Honestly, it's not the focus of the movie and you actually forget about it when you're watching the movie," argued Gomez. "I think that's a true testimony of how the movie was shot and how well all of the girls did."

Spring Breakers, out March 22, 2013, follows four college girls who wind up in jail after holding up a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation. Bailed out by a drug and arms dealer, the ladies are dragged into doing his dirty work.