Giant Fun with 'Jack the Giant Slayer' Stars

Giant Fun with 'Jack the Giant Slayer' Stars

Fee-fi-fo-fum! The classic Jack and the Beanstalk fable gets a brand-new twist with Bryan Singer (X-Men movies, Superman Returns) at the helm with Jack the Giant Slayer, and ET's Christina McLarty is in London with the cast, who all seem to agree that actually climbing a beanstalk to a realm of giants in the sky would be pretty terrifying.

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"In the film, of course, we're all very gung-ho about it; we're not afraid of heights or anything," says Ewan MacGregor. "But in reality I think it would be terrifying."

"I think what would happen is most people would start out [climbing]," chimes in Stanley Tucci. "And then once you hit the troposphere or something, you kinda go, 'Nah.'"

"Then how do you get down?" asks Ewan. "You just scream," replies Stanley. "Help!!!"

In theaters March 1, Jack the Giant Slayer stars Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies, About a Boy) in the title role as a young farmhand who unwittingly receives some magic beans that open a gateway between his medieval world and a fearsome race of giants in the sky. When the kingdom's adventurous princess (Eleanor Tomlinson) is trapped in the giant's realm, he must team up with the king's men – some noble, some nefarious – to rescue her and thwart a war between worlds.

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Technology was not quite ready to do the story justice in the past on the big screen, and Nick notes that previous Jacks always seemed to wear tights, which didn't sit well with him: "The first thing when I turned up on this one I was like, 'No tights for me.'"

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