'Sessions' Sex Surrogate Reveals Tips for Couples


Helen Hunt was nominated for an Oscar for portraying a sex surrogate offering her services to a man paralyzed from the neck down and the woman her character was based on stopped by The Jeff Probst Show to discuss her unusual profession and offer relationship advice.

Cheryl Cohen Greene talks about having her life portrayed on the big screen and reveals how she met Mark O'Brien, her client played in the movie by John Hawkes. She also discusses the importance of her lifelong work as a sex surrogate and the ways she was able to strengthen relationships.

Exclusive Pics: The Sessions

When asked the most crucial advice she gives couples, Greene said it it important to open effective lines of communication. "I would say to listen to each other," she said. "I think people don't talk enough about what they really like and men assume that their partner is enjoying what they're doing."

She added that each partner should "be specific" about their desires and not get angry or takes things personally. "What you want to do is fine tune and
make it more rich and delicious all the time. And it takes work,
relationships are probably the hardest thing you'll ever do," she said.

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Check your local listings for when to catch Greene on The Jeff Probst Show tomorrow, March 5. Probst also welcomes Leigh Anne Tuohy on the show to discuss the implications of her life being portrayed on the big screen by Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side.