First ET Interview: Michelle Williams Loves a Pup!

First ET Interview: Michelle Williams Loves a Pup!

Michelle Williams is back on the big screen in Oz the Great and Powerful this weekend, and we're flashing back to her first-ever ET interview while she was filming her debut big-screen movie role for 1994's Lassie – and playing with a spunky pup! How could we resist?

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Barely in her teen years, Michelle was happy to have the company of the energetic, hungry pooch named Bedazzled, and she talked about what it felt like to work with the canine legend Lassie while being away from home for the first time.

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Obviously worlds away from the Oscar-nominated actress she would eventually become, it's pretty clear to see why so many casting directors would fall in love with Michelle's down-to-earth charm, leading up to her career-changing role in TV's Dawson's Creek a half-decade later.