First ET Interview: 'That' Mila Kunis!


Mila Kunis plays a good witch in the big-screen Oz the Great and Powerful, in theaters this weekend, and we're flashing back to her first-ever ET interview from when That '70s Show debuted, a fresh-faced teen welcoming the opportunity to make it big. Watch the video!

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That '70s Show first hit the TV airwaves back in the fall 1998, and at the time the Ukrainian-born Kunis kind of fibbed about her age to land her role, since the producers were looking for an 18-year-old actress. When they found out that Mila was nowhere near 18, they decided to keep her anyway because she was the ideal choice for the part.

Asked by ET if she felt she might be on the verge of stardom, she replied, "I'm excited. I hope it's going to happen. I mean, I'm looking out for the show to be a big hit, but if it doesn't, I love this. … I just like this whole process. For me, it's exciting, it's awesome, but you never know what happens. "