Stone, Reynolds Reveal Their Best Gifts Ever


What does it take to impress A-listers Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds?

ET's Brooke Anderson caught up with the two at the New York City premiere of their new animated film set in the prehistoric ages The Croods -- in which Emma's character Eep gets excited when Ryan's character Guy gives her the gift of shoes -- where both superstars revealed the most squeal-worthy gifts they've ever received.

"Somebody made a piece of furniture for me -- that was really exciting," Stone revealed. "It was pretty incredible. It's a chair, it's really beautiful."

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As for Reynolds, he also admitted that his favorite gift is a super-sentimental one.

"Somebody made a book for me on my birthday," Reynolds dished. "It was kind of incredible. They contacted everyone from second grade to now through my life, and they all wrote a little short story or something. That made me fall over. That's the best gift I think I've ever been given."

As for the new film's road trip plot, Reynolds said that growing up in his male-centric family, road trips were a far from warm and fuzzy experience!

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"Every road trip we took as kids was straight-up bloodshed," he joked. "I have three older brothers, one's a cop, my dad was a cop. I mean, it was just like a moving Irish mob kind of making its way south towards Disneyland, and it was always sort of a terrifying experience."

Check out the video to hear how being a father in real-life influenced Nicolas Cage's performance in the film, and why he was a "great source of frustration" for his famous family growing up!

The Croods hits theaters March 22.