Carell's Invitation Lured Carrey to 'Wonderstone'


Comedy A-listers Jim Carrey and Steve Carell premiered their new film The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Monday and Carrey revealed the reasons he couldn't resist playing a popular street illusionist who steals the thunder of Carell's old-school magic act.

"Well you know, it was really about my friend Steve Carell calling up and saying, 'You want to jump in and have some fun?'" Carrey explained on the red carpet at the Los Angeles debut. "Pressure's off me man. I was just having a blast in this thing. And also just the idea of a character that is a Svengali guy, who basically is denying his desire for the material things of life -- trying to undermine everyone's confidence and stuff like that. So I love that character," he said.

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In the film -- hitting theaters this Friday -- Carell plays the burned-out old-school magician Burt Wonderstone, who is threatened by the showy street illusionist Steve Gray (Carrey), who'll literally risk life and limb to wow his audiences. In a bid to save his act, Burt attempts to reignite his old love for magic.

"I thought it was a funny script," Carell said. "And I loved the idea of a comedy set in the world of Vegas magic. I had never seen that before."

VIDEO: Carrey & Carell Make Magic In Burt Wonderstone

Also attending the premiere were co-stars Steve Buscemi -- who plays Burt's stage partner Anton Marvelton -- and Olivia Wilde, who portrays magician's assistant Jane. "On the surface, it's really fun. I can't believe no one has made a comedy about magicians before." Wilde said.. "They are hilarious, and the world is hilarious, it's not dissimilar to Hollywood. It is very competitive. There is just a little more glitter, and even more hair," she joked.

Watch the video for more, including Carell's thoughts on teaming up with Will Ferrell for the much-anticipated comedy sequel Anchorman: The Legend Continues!

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