'The Croods' Cast Reveals First Celeb Crushes


DreamWorks' latest release, The Croods, imagines the first road trip of the human race, so we got the stars to dish on some of their personal firsts -- including their first celebrity crushes.

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The 3D animated comedy follows the world's first modern family, as they embark on a journey after their cave is destroyed.

Nicolas Cage plays the overprotective father (Grug), who feels he has to guard his daughter Eep (Emma Stone) from a charismatic teenage boy named Guy (Ryan Reynolds) that charms Eep with his visions of a place called "tomorrow."

As a true kid of the '90s, Emma Stone named former Home Improvement star Jonathan Taylor Thomas as her first crush, while Nicolas Cage went with a classic sex symbol.

"Raquel Welch," Cage said simply. "And I met her at the premiere of a movie called Birdy. She introduced herself and I said, 'I have had so many dreams about you,' and I made Raquel Welsh blush. It was a great day."

Watch the clip for more. The Croods hits theaters March 22.