Steve Carell: My Wife 'Hated' My 'Burt' Costume


If you've seen the trailer for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, you might be eager to watch Steve Carell team up with Jim Carrey, but you've probably also chuckled at the eccentric costumes that the two wear in the film as magicians. Although it was only for the film, Carell's wife wasn't too thrilled about her husband's getup during production.

Carell first revealed that he enjoyed dressing up in velvet jumpsuits laced with sequins, wearing flashy jewelry, and tanning his skin to a deep bronze in the spirit of comedy.

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"Have you ever looked in the mirror and completely fallen in love with yourself? That's how I felt when I slipped on that costume," Carell joked. "It was cathartic. It felt like I finally found the real me, and I was jubilant."

Despite his sarcastic affection for his character's apparel, Carell revealed that his wife detested seeing him in the costume of the film's titular character, "Burt Wonderstone."

"My wife hated every aspect of the way I looked in this movie," he admitted. "It was not a turn-on in any way, shape, or form for my wife. The first day on set, I took a picture and I texted it to her and...I think her response was something like, 'Oh my god! Really? This is what you're going to look like for the next few months?'"

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Carell unfortunately can't claim passivity for the look his character donned, as he was one of the film's co-producers.

"It's so ridiculous and so silly. The guy is just a preening peacock of a human being," he said of his character, a formerly successful magician who is overshadowed by Carrey's character. "He's very, very egotistical and self-centered. So, I just figured that's the way someone like that might express himself on a public stage."

Carrey—who starred in the film that helped launch Carell's career, Bruce Almighty—received a more favorable reaction from his family and friends in regards to his character's costume, which featured a long blond wig and a goatee.

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"They saw pictures and they were very intrigued," Carrey said of his loved ones' reactions to his costume. "They were like, 'Wow! That's a cool look, man,' and I went, 'I know!'"

Watch the full video above to hear Carrey, Carell, and Olivia Wilde reveal their experience working with one another.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
is in theaters this Friday (Mar. 15).