Sapphires Sing at NYC Premiere


The stars of The Sapphires -- Chris O'Dowd, Jessica Mauboy, Miranda Tapsell, Deborah Mailman and Shari Sebbens – premiered their new musical dramedy in New York Wednesday night with a special post-premiere performance, and we've got the fun highlights!

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Based on a true story and set in 1968, The Sapphires tells the story of four feisty Aboriginal girls from Australia whose talent catches the attention of manager Dave (Bridesmaids star O'Dowd). A true fan of soul music, Dave steers the girls away from country & western music, shapes them into a tight quartet with all the moves, and lands them a gig in the war‐zones of South Vietnam. There, they sing soul classics for the American Marines to help raise morale while they dodge bullets and learn about true friendship, loyalty and love.

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The Sapphires hits theaters March 22.