Did Gomez & Hudgens Hesitate to Join 'Breakers'?


Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens take a dramatic detour from their usual characters onto a bikini-ridden road filled with vices in Spring Breakers. As they face the worldwide release of the film, the two revealed whether or not they hesitated to undertake their atypical risqué roles.

Gomez and Hudgens both rose to fame for children's series on the Disney Channel, which makes their crime-committing, havoc-wreaking characters in Spring Breakers a bold career choice—one that they both confidently took.

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"Originally, [this role] was for me," said Gomez, who got her career beginning on Wizards of Waverly Place. "I wanted to do something that was extremely creatively different and that would push me. Harmony (Korine) is such an incredible director and working with James (Franco) is an honor, so it was kind of an easy [choice]."

Hudgens, best known for her lead role in the Disney Channel movie series High School Musical, delivered a similar assessment to her co-star. She took it a step further and stated that the role gave her a sense of emancipation.

"I mean, this is like an actor's dream to work with a director like Harmony," she said, denying any reservations about undertaking the role. "It was the most freeing and liberating experience I've had. I've grown a lot in this movie and I'm so proud of it."

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Pretty Little Liars
actress Ashley Benson was also taking a risky step when signing on for the role, but she too had no reservations or regrets about deviating from her usual onscreen character.

"I really put all my trust in Harm[ony]. He's such an amazing director, and when I got this project, I couldn't have been more excited for myself and for Selena and Vanessa," the 23-year-old actress said.

"...It was more of a step up for all of us, for our careers, because Selena, Vanessa, and I are seen in one light—more of a Disney audience, a younger audience—and to be in a film with Harmony directing is just incredible. I was really, really lucky and I'm so honored to be a part of this."

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Also undertaking a role outside his typecast was James Franco, who plays a gangster decked out with cornrows and a golden grill in the film. In line with his aforementioned co-stars, Franco attested to enjoying the role and extolled director Harmony Korine.

Spring Breakers
is in theaters March 22.