Flashback: Demi Moore Pregnant with First Child


On this day in 1988, exciting happenings were abound for Demi Moore. She had just been married to her second husband, Bruce Willis, and was pregnant with her first child. In an interview for The Seventh Sign, the then-25-year-old actress covers a broad range of topics, from her views on fate to the paparazzi.

After originally getting married at 18 to singer Freddy Moore, whose surname she has held throughout her career, Moore married Bruce Willis in November 1987 after less than a year of dating.

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Meticulously distinguishing marrying Willis as spontaneous, not impulsive, she explains her seeming rush to get married a second time.

"There was no rush," she says. "...We got married in Las Vegas [but] we went there to see a boxing match. ...We had sort of talked about [getting married] laughingly and it just seemed O.K. ...It just seemed like [waiting] didn't matter, that we loved each other so much."

A month after a spontaneous decision led Moore and Willis to elope in Vegas, the two were expecting their first child together. That decision was less spontaneous—or at least was more easily foreshadowed.

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In the movie that Moore was promoting 25 years ago, she played a pregnant woman who is about to give birth, a coincidence that didn't slide past her.

"I must have been putting out this energy anyway, and it just so happened that the film came first," she assesses.

However, Moore wouldn't label it as mere coincidence that she played pregnant on the big screen and then became pregnant months later. She reveals that she believes in the overarching principle of destiny.

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"Definitely," she replies when asked if she believes in fate after discussing her baby's gender. "I don't believe there are accidents or coincidence[s]."

Five months later, Moore gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Rumer, who will be the same age this summer as her mother is in our featured flashback.