'Upside Down' Like a Fairytale for Jim & Kirsten


What if love was stronger than gravity? Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst play star-crossed lovers whose worlds are turned upside down -- literally (finally, a legitimate opportunity to use that well-worn cliché!) -- in the action-packed, interplanetary dystopian romance Upside Down, in theaters this week.

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"You know it felt like a very classical fairytale, a tale you maybe should have been told as a kid," says Jim. "Just the setting that it's in, the alternate universe, the landscape that the story exists in, makes it kind of unique."

In the visually stunning sci-fi parable, Jim and Kirsten play Adam and Eden, separated not just by social class and politics but also by a freak planetary condition that situates them on similar worlds with gravities that pull in opposite directions. Of course, one planet is poverty-stricken, while the other is wealthy and privileged.

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After meeting as children, Adam learns that Eden is alive and infiltrates her world in an effort to find her, reconnect and woo her all over again. But will politics and the interplanetary border-patrol agents prevent them from realizing their destinies?