Tyler Perry Dishes on Message Behind 'Temptation'


On the outside, Tyler Perry's Temptation, may seem like a leap for the director of comedies like the Madea franchise and Why Did I Get Married?, but Tyler explained to ET's Rocsi Diaz why his latest film fits securely inside his wheelhouse.

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"It's the message," said Tyler, revealing that the moral of the story eliminated the sense of risk for him. "It's about making the wrong choices and how one choice can change your entire life."

One decision that Tyler made for the movie he said was pretty much made for him.

"Bill Cosby told me many years ago to look out for [Jurnee Smollett-Bell]," said Tyler. "I had been watching her over the years, and when I wrote it I thought, 'There's nobody else who can pull this off but her."

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In the film, Jurnee plays Judith, an ambitious married woman involved in an explosive romance with a handsome social media billionaire named Harley (played by Robbie Jones).

"I was so honored when Tyler offered it to me, because it's the kind of role you can sink your teeth into," said Jurnee. "I haven't had a character challenge me like this in awhile."

Co-star Brandy Norwood also goes to a dark place in the movie -- a far cry from her happy life with fiance Ryan Press.

"I just think that loyalty and commitment and love should be the foundation for everything," Brandy said when asked what she took away from the movie's message. "And I think that's what this movie is really about."

Tyler Perry's Temptation opens March 29.