Julie & Ethan Reunite 'Before Midnight'

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One of the priceless assets of cinema is its ability to preserve moments in time; no matter how many years go by, an actor's face and performance is indelibly captured for as long as the medium endures. Conversely, it's a real treat when certain actors revisit their more remarkable roles, adding new layers to their characters and showing the true passage of time on celluloid, kind or unkind. Before Midnight is that treat. Watch the debut trailer…

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Close to 20 years have passed since Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke's Celine and Jesse first met on a train bound for Vienna in 1995's Before Sunrise. The characters they created with director Richard Linklater reunited for another welcome round of walking and talking in France a decade later in 2004's Before Sunset, and now they're back, older and wiser, in Before Midnight.

The new chapter finds Celine and Jesse, now parents in their forties, on vacation in Greece with their two little girls. As they walk and talk and explore the ups and downs of their relationship, we also get to experience the beautiful Mediterranean landscape. Is their love still alive? Or are they holding onto postcard memories from the past?

Over dinner, Jesse tells his love, "I assure you, that guy you vaguely remember, the sweet romantic one you met on the train? That is me."

Here's hoping we continue to get to see where these two are every ten years.

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Before Midnight hits theaters May 24.