Stars Put New York in a 'Trance'

Stars Put New York in a 'Trance'

Trance stars Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel and director Danny Boyle premiered their mind bending, not-what-you-expect heist thriller in New York this week, and we've got the highlights!

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In theaters Friday, Trance stars James McAvoy as an art auctioneer who helps Cassel's gang of thieves steal a Goya masterpiece. But when a double-cross results in a blow to McAvoy's head, he claims to have amnesia and Cassel employs beautiful therapist Dawson to help McAvoy remember just where he stashed the valuable art.

Video: Sin & Skin in Trippy 'Trance' Trailer

Blurring the boundaries between reality and hypnotic suggestion, is McAvoy's amnesia real, or a clever ploy in a deadly game of cat and mouse?