Huey Lewis Reverse Riffs on 'American Psycho'

Funny Or Die

Huey Lewis Reverse Riffs on 'American Psycho'

This, my friends, is brilliant. Anyone who has seen 2000's American Psycho starring Christian Bale knows all about the scene in which Bale deconstructs Huey Lewis and the News and their music in his apartment as he prepares to split Jared Leto's head in two with an axe. The scene is notable not only for its full-on '80s sensibility but even more so for Bale's quirky delivery and silly choreography.

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Now, Huey gets the last laugh. In honor of the 30-year anniversary of the release of Sports, Lewis has teamed up with Weird Al Yankovic for a clever, meta Funny or Die sketch that has him deconstructing American Psycho in the same manner, complete with silly dance moves, as he readies to wail on Weird Al's curly locks. Clever indeed.

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Watch the original American Psycho scene here (***warning: this gets a lot more graphic and violent than the parody once that axe falls***: