5 Things You Don't Know About Chris Hemsworth

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5 Things You Don't Know About Chris Hemsworth

We just got a first look at this sexy star in the new racing biopic Rush after his successvie portrayals of the Marvel superhero Thor. Here are five things you may not know about Chris Hemsworth.

1. Despite being born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, has received extensive dialect training that allows him to completely drop his Aussie accent.

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2. As a struggling actor, he stayed in his manager's guesthouse for a period to save money. "In between auditioning, I was babysitting their kids," he told George Lopez. 

3. Competed in 2006 on the fifth season of Australia's version of Dancing with the Stars.

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4. After being chosen by Cosmopolitan as one of the magazine's 2011 Fun and Fearless Men, he revealed that the most fearless thing he's ever done in real life was briefly steal a golf cart.

5. Starred in the popular Australian soap opera Home and Away, which also counts Simon Baker and Naomi Watts as alums.

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