Halle: My Daughter Is Praying for a Baby Sister

Halle: My Daughter Is Praying for a Baby Sister

Less than a week after going public with her pregnancy, Halle Berry revealed that her five-year-old daughter Nahla is praying for her to have a girl.

"She has been praying for a baby sister -- who knows what she's going to get -- but she's been praying for a baby sister," Berry said during an interview in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while promoting her thriller The Call, which is in theaters now. "So a baby of any sort will just make her through the roof, she really wants to be a big sister."

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Berry also spoke for the first time about how her fiancé Olivier Martinez feels about the pregnancy. "He's thrilled, surprised like I am... I think when a man knows he's having a child I think they are as happy as women are. It's a miraculous thing if you think about it," said the 46-year-old star, who added, "at our age it's an even more miraculous thing, so we're happy."

She also said that being pregnant has caused her to reflect on the ways she'll be able to balance her career and family. "My dream now is much more realistic, especially as I sit here with another baby in my belly. I want to be a mother and have my career at the same time, and I've been told my whole life, well you can't have it all at once. The dream for me now is to have a career that I'm proud of, that I feel good about and still have time for my children and be a mom too."

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Berry also talked about first reading the script for The Call -- in which she plays a 9-1-1 operator -- and then having a chilling reaction on the set while filming a terrifying scene in a parking garage. "Even though I read the script I knew there's something about visually seeing that and having that visceral reaction to it that crossed my mind, and it made me realize I'll never go to a parking garage alone ever again. I mean ever!"