5 Things You Don't Know About Robert Downey Jr.

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With the release of his much-anticipated action-thriller Iron Man 3 just three weeks away, this larger-than-life star showed his sense of humor by showing up to a premiere of the movie in Berlin wearing a traditional German outfit that included a pair of lederhosen pants! Here are five things you may not know about Robert Downey Jr.

1. Studied classical ballet while living in London at the age of 10.

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2. Dropped out of high school in Santa Monica, CA at age 17 and moved to New York to pursue acting. 

3. Was considered for the role of Duckie in the '80s teen classic Pretty in Pink -- which eventually went to Jon Cryer.

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4. Became the first regular cast member of Saturday Night Live to be nominated for an Academy Award in the category Best Actor in a Leading Role. He was nominated for the Oscar for portraying Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 film Chaplin.

5. Was reportedly let out of a rehab facility for one day to star in a music video for Elton John's song I Want Love, which was released in 2001.

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