Watch Justin Long's 'Funny' Steve Jobs Biopic

Funny Or Die

Watch Justin Long's 'Funny' Steve Jobs Biopic

While all eyes are on, and knives are out for, Ashton Kutcher's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, Justin Long partnered with Funny Or Die and beat them to the punch with iSteve, a 78 minute movie that comedically chronicles Steve Jobs' iconic ascent.

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Here's the kind of miraculous thing, iSteve is actually really good. Sure, certain scenes are a little too on the nose (like where Steve's professor prattles on and on about the importance of fonts), but there's actually a solid script here that truly cares about more than jokes and punchlines. Although there are plenty of those too.

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At the end of the day, iSteve is less concerned with historical accuracy than weaving an enjoyable yarn (unless Steve Jobs actually invented computers while high on acid he got from an Indian guru), but it could actually best Kutcher's JOBS when all is said and done. Click here to watch iJobs!