5 Things You Don't Know About Jennifer Aniston

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5 Things You Don't Know About Jennifer Aniston

She was already famous when she joined the six famous Friends and has maintained a busy movie career ever since. Here are five things you may not know about Jennifer, who just produced and debuted her second feature for the Lifetime network, the mental health drama Call Me Crazy: A Five Film.

1. The daughter of soap star actor John Aniston, who plays Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives.

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2. Has said she considered giving up acting after her film debut in the 1993 horror flop Leprechaun.

3. Originally auditioned for the role of Monica on Friends, but persuaded producers that she'd be better suited to play Rachel, for whom she later won an Emmy for portraying.

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4. Her godfather was famous Kojack actor Telly Savalas.

5. Was named GQ's first ever Woman of the Year in 2005.

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