Who Does Morgan Freeman Want to Work With Next?


As a legendary actor himself, Morgan Freeman has worked with some very talented actors over the years, including Denzel Washington, Clint Eastwood, Helen Mirren, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson. Now that he's fulfilled his wish to act alongside Tom Cruise, with whom he stars in the upcoming sci-fi film Oblivion, Freeman revealed who's next on his list.

"I've been very lucky in being able to work with a lot of topnotch actors," Freeman reflected on his more than three decades in the film industry. "There's still a plethora of 'em out there that I have not gotten to work with, but I'm going to stick around. My time's coming."

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Despite his assertion of the vast quantity of actors that he wants to work with in the future, there was only one that he came to mind off the top of his head: George Clooney. Freeman also added The Master actor Phillip Seymour to his list, but was most insistent that he and Clooney would one day work together.

"We will [make it happen]," the 71-year-old actor said. "Someone will come up with that [idea] and say, 'Oh, what a make this is going to be!'"

If he pursues a co-starring stint with Clooney as adamantly as he did with Cruise, there's a good chance the duo may happen one day. Freeman revealed that he'd desired to work with Cruise for many years and determinedly signed on to Oblivion at Cruise's initial offer.

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Freeman isn't the only one who was pleased to work with Cruise. His other co-stars had some kind words for him as well.

"Working with Tom is amazing. He's a great leader," said Olga Kurylenko, best known for her role in the 2008 Bond film Quantum of Solace. "Everybody wanted to follow him on set. He's a joy to be around. [He has a] great personality [and is] always happy [and] excited about everything he does."

Cruise also received high acclaim from director Joseph Kosinksi, who produced and wrote the film as well, a career first for him.

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"Tom has made so many great films with directors that I admire," the Tron: Legacy director said. "To have someone with his experience on set—someone for me to pick his brain and work with—was real[ly] special."

Although most sci-fi films are mainly centered on previously unfathomable technology or laws of the world, Kosinski incorporated the element of love in the story, which is often excluded from sci-fi flicks.

"Great science fiction has elements that everyone can relate to," he said. "Everyone's been in a relationship—this film explores a couple different kinds—and I wanted to make a film that everyone could relate to."

For more from the cast of Oblivion, watch the video above. The film is in theaters Friday.