Exclusive: Cruise & Pike's Jack Reacher Chemistry

Exclusive: Cruise & Pike's Jack Reacher Chemistry

Tom Cruise brings author Lee Child's compelling ex-military investigator hero to life in Jack Reacher -- arriving on Blu-ray/DVD May 7 and available for Digital Download today -- and in this exclusive clip for ETonline, Jack's chemistry with defense attorney Helen Rodin, played by Rosamund Pike, is explored.

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"She just brings an intelligence and a complexity and a charm to her character and onscreen," gushes Tom of his blonde co-star, who he likens to Grace Kelly or Faye Dunaway. "I had such a great time acting with her."

"What developed was a really great sort of professional rapport between these two characters who, in any other universe, would have been romantically involved," explains writer/director Christopher McQuarrie. "But because of who they are and because of the lives they've chosen, they never can be, and we didn't want that to overwhelm the story."

Fans of the book series all know that Jack Reacher likes his coffee; a blue-collar diner sets the scene for this behind-the-scenes clip. Among the cool details in the exclusive video, check out the camera slate that reads One Shot, which was the original title of the film before it was changed to Jack Reacher. One Shot is the ninth book in the bestselling Reacher series and is based on the military snipers' creed: "One shot, one kill."

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In Jack Reacher, a rogue sniper takes five lives with six shots in a public thoroughfare in Pittsburgh, and all evidence points to the suspect in custody, who offers up a single communiqué: "Get Jack Reacher!" So begins an extraordinary chase for the truth, pitting the no-nonsense Jack against an unexpected enemy with a skill for violence and a secret to keep.