Broken Ankle No Big Thing for Downey as 'Iron Man'

Broken Ankle No Big Thing for Downey as 'Iron Man'

Robert Downey Jr. reveals that breaking his ankle while making Iron Man 3 was no big deal and considers continually playing the superhero to be his "family business" in his all-new sit-down with ET's Brooke Anderson.

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"I did alright, I broke my ankle once, but then that gave us time to do some more script revisions," says a somewhat aloof Robert when asked how his body held up during the at-times demanding shoot. "It really isn't that big a deal. It happens all the time."

"What doesn't happen all the time is that the third movie in a franchise series winds up actually meeting the expectations of a pretty savvy audience," adds Robert, spinning his misfortune into a positive note. "I love that people are seeing the movie and enjoying it, otherwise it would be a big bummer."

Of course, Robert has appeared as Iron Man/Tony Stark four different times if you also count a little movie called The Avengers. The 48-year-old star's family will be out in full force to support him at the film's premiere this week, and he jokes, "It's kind of like us getting together for, I don't know, if a construction company put up a new building, or a demo company has leveled the building, you know, that's how we do things."

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As for his co-star Gwyneth Paltrow, who finally gets to don the Iron Man suit this time around, Robert reveals, "I have been waiting for Pepper [Potts]to be in the suit since the first Iron Man. I thought that would just be the sexiest, most empowering thing," adding, "It would be a darn shame not to give [the franchise's female fans] a little girl power."

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