Flashback: Tatum's Early Thoughts on Sex Symbol


Channing Tatum is now one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, evidenced by his reigning title as People's Sexiest Man Alive. Before he takes on another lead role in his next film, White House Down, let's take a look back at how he perceived his forthcoming fame before it skyrocketed.

In 2006, Tatum's career was just getting underway. He had just co-starred alongside Amanda Bynes in She's the Man and was just about to premiere Step Up, which would soon become his claim to fame.

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The dance film, which has since been developed into a franchise with three sequels after the impressive success of the original film, had plenty of potential from the onset, which consequently gave its stars, Tatum and Jenna Dewan, the possibility for major fame.

When asked if he's ready for his prospective impending fame or becoming "sex symbol of the year," the then-26-year-old actor brushes off the notion.

"I actually make it a point [to] almost try not to think about that type of stuff and just really think about the next job," Tatum says in an interview for Step Up. "...When you get wrapped up in who you're becoming—as far as in the public eye in the movies—you kind of lose sight of what you want to do with your career.

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"You're not doing things because of what they mean to you; you're doing things because of where they're going to be in the public eye. ... I just want the movie to do well. ... I guess [fame] is a byproduct of that, but we'll just keep our fingers crossed."

Despite his superstitious ploy, Step Up put Tatum on everyone's radar in Hollywood and he landed soon roles in big-budget blockbusters like G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Dear John, which continued to elevate his star.

Step Up
played an integral role not only in Tatum's acting career but in his personal life as well.

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Soon after Step Up wrapped, he began dating co-star and on-screen love interest Jenna Dewan. Two years later, they were engaged and were married in July 2009. The couple is now expecting its first child together.

"She sucks," Tatum jokes of his future wife. "I don't know how we would have done the movie without her; I really don't. We tested other actors that weren't that good dancers...but when she...came in...she was an unbelievable actress and it was done. It was over. We found our lady."

Yes, he did.