Exclusive: Posey Has 'a Word From Our Sponsor'


What happens when a high-powered ad exec wakes up one day with the ability to speak only in marketing slogans? Thus is the wild plot of And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

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Starring Bruce Greenwood as the impaired CEO (Adan Kundle), Now a Word follows Kundle after that life-altering day as his seemingly meaningless sound bites wind up having a life-changing effect on everyone he meets.

Directed by newcomer Zack Bernbaum, the film also stars Parker Posey, Callum Blue, and Allie MacDonald.

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Click the video above for an exclusive first look at a scene from the film!

Now a Word is scheduled for a Video on Demand release date of May 6 via GoDigital.com, and is set to premiere in theaters May 10.