'Gatsby' Cast on What Makes Leo Such a Great Actor

'Gatsby' Cast on What Makes Leo Such a Great Actor

The Great Gatsby had its big premiere Wednesday night at the Lincoln Center in New York City, where the A-list cast shared their thoughts on what makes Leonardo DiCaprio one of the most respected actors of our time.

"I think he's incredibly talented and everyone knows that," Carey Mulligan told ET. "But I think he's also unbelievably kind to everyone he works with and unbelievably hardworking, so people really respect him because he really gives 200 percent every time he comes to work."

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One of DiCaprio's best friends Tobey Maguire also weighed in on what makes the 38-year-old actor so beloved.

"Well one of the things that makes him one of the most respected actors is that he is one of our best actors," he put bluntly. "[He has] a great work ethic, and he's tremendously talented."

DiCaprio's work ethic was also admired by Isla Fisher.

"Leo is a really hard worker -- I don't think people know that about him," Fisher dished. " ... He is incredibly focused."

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But perhaps the highest praise comes from director Baz Luhrmann himself, who worked with DiCaprio 16 years ago on Romeo + Juliet.

"I think [it's] credibility -- he could have done things very easily early in his career and he always took the road less traveled," Luhrmann said about what has made DiCaprio so successful. "And then nobody wants to hear it, but he also happens to be a really good person and a really nice guy, surrounded by friends and family, and you want to hang out with him. It's hard to believe -- because he has so much -- and yet he really is full of credibility in his acting, and in his love for the planet that we live on."

Check out the video to hear from DiCaprio himself, and to watch Mulligan's adorable reaction at the prospect of meeting Jay-Z, who produced the film's soundtrack.

The Great Gatsby hits theaters May 10.