Empire Issues Anti-May the 4th Propaganda Video

Getty Images

Tomorrow, May 4, marks another Star Wars Day. For the uninitiated, Star Wars fans have made this annual occasion their own (May the 4th Be With You = "May the Force Be with You." Get it?), the perfect excuse to dress up like their favorite Star Wars characters, throw parties, run around with lightsabers, watch the movies and TV shows and celebrate George Lucas' creation in all its glory.

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But this year, the Empire is striking back with an anti-May the 4th propaganda campaign, starting with this amusing, tongue-in-cheek ad. The Rebels are heroes? Fact: They are traitors. The Force? Fact: It's used for "mind control, levitation of deadly weapons and haunting the living."

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This weekend, have a happy May the 4th and celebrate in high Jedi style – but beware of the dangers of the Rebel Alliance…