EXCLUSIVE: Emily VanCamp Gets Nerdy in 'Norman'


Emily VanCamp and Cougar Town star Dan Byrd star in the touching Norman -- out on DVD tomorrow -- about a troubled high school kid pretending to be dying of cancer, who must confront problems with his terminally ill father and the recent death of his mother.

But despite the tragedy, Norman (Byrd) does start up a sweet romance with Emily Harris (VanCamp), who according to the Revenge star, has an interesting "nerdy" quality to her.

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"She appears to be one of the popular girls in school, but she's actually in fact new," VanCamp says about her character Emily in this exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the DVD. "She's sort of the pretty, all-American girl who has this very kind of nerdy, interesting, odd character about her so she sort of contradicts herself in that way."

And director Jonathan Segal is clearly enamored with her final performance.

"Emily VanCamp -- wow. She just has this enchanting quality that can't really be defined," he says. "She takes this girl-next-door, and elevates it to this sort of fairy tale quality that just has this magical feel to it, yet she makes the young woman feel like this person could exist."

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Watch the video to hear Segal's take on Byrd's powerful performance, as well as how music played such a big role in the film.