The Wolfpack Gets Serious About 'Hangover' Journey


ET's Rocsi Diaz caught up with The Hangover stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis in Las Vegas at their very last junket for the super-successful franchise, where the three on and off-screen pals got surprisingly sentimental on how far all three of their careers have come since the massive popularity of the first film.

"For me, it was kind of emotional to be there that night with Zach [May 4th's Saturday Night Live, which Galifianakis hosted] -- even though we were wearing blonde wigs in a Jennifer Aniston contest -- I definitely took a lot of stock that Saturday on wow, how far we've come," Cooper says about their now infamous Jennifer Aniston lookalike contest sketch. "And even standing on that stage -- this is so cheesy -- but I was really like, kind of moved. I mean, I really love these guys and we've been so fortunate."

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"You know how hard it is to be moved while wearing a blonde wig?," Galifianakis cracked. "It's hard."

But Helms also got sentimental about their obvious genuine friendship throughout filming all three films.

"Here's what's interesting, a lot of our circumstances have changed -- and that's hard to even put into words, it's so dramatic -- but weirdly, because of these guys, I feel like I've only gotten to know myself better and I feel more grounded as a person than I even did before all this started," he said. "I attribute that to -- had I been on this movie on this ride by myself, I probably would have gone insane and not known how to handle it -- but having gone through all three Hangovers, all of the ups and downs, the roller coasters of notoriety -- with these guys who are so down to earth and professional and cool and supportive -- I feel like I have normalized in a weird way despite all the chaos."

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Check out the video to hear what the three envision each of their characters would be doing in a Hangover spinoff, and Ken Jeong on making Cooper insecure about his heartthrob status on set with his constant nudity!

The Hangover Part III hits theaters May 23.