'Hangover' Flashback: Zach Can't Stop Laughing


Before the Wolfpack closes the book on its wild journey next week as The Hangover franchise concludes, let's take trip back to 2009, when the journey was just beginning—and Zach Galifianakis couldn't stop laughing.

In an interview for the first rambunctious comedy, Galifianakis, who plays the bungling "Alan," can't contain his contagious giggles and bursts out laughing in the beginning of the sit-down.

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"This happened on set sometimes," Ed Helms ("Stu") explains. "Sometimes something would just trigger the giggles and it was over. We'd have to, like, break for an hour."

Helms' character in the film is a dentist, which provides some irony when he wakes up with his tooth missing after the Wolfpack's night of extreme partying. The Office actor reveals that it wasn't a stretch to play a toothless Stu, as he was actually without tooth for production.

"It was completely real," Helms says. "[The tooth I have now] is an implant I got when I was about fifteen. Cut to twenty years later: It's in the script that my character loses a tooth. My dentist was able to break the crown off and take the posts out and I didn't have a tooth for two months while we shot the movie."

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Although Helms was well-prepared for that facet of his character, he admits that he has never experienced a bout of unruly partying like that which the film centers on.

"I got to tell you, I must be a loser because I've never been to any bachelor party even approaching what happens in this movie," he admits. "That made it fun for me to explore the fantasy in the movie but...I haven't been to anything that crazy."

Both Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper ("Phil") also reveal that they've never participated in a zany bachelor party of the sort featured in the film that results in Mike Tyson's pet tiger in their hotel room the morning after.

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"Not parties; I've had some bouts by myself underneath my kitchen table drunk," Galifianakis jokes. "...I've had a few bridge club meetings that went wrong."

The film drew hoards of moviegoers to theaters, raking in over $467 million domestic. Production on a sequel, based in Thailand, began a year later and the now-franchise increased its loot to over $1 billion in the span of two years.

The Hangover Part III
, which is in theaters May 24, returns to where the Wolfpack became blood brothers, Sin City.