'Grown Ups' Flashback: Who's the Funniest?


Before the "grown-up" gang reunites for another boisterous comedy, let's take a trip back a few years to the set of the first Grown Ups, where the fellas reveal who they think is the funniest amongst them.

The comedy, written and produced by Adam Sandler, united him with fellow funnymen David Spade, Chris Rock, Kevin James, and Rob Schneider. Although it was a nine-figure-generating film, it also served as some quality time for them to spend together.

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"I was excited to hang out with the fellas, to have a guaranteed whole summer together," Sandler says. "Then also, the fact that it was about going to a lake house, I knew it would be fun to hang out there. ... We all brought our families and we're all hanging and having a good time."

Among so many renowned comedians, the group came to a consensus on who they thought was the funniest amongst them: David Spade.

"Spade's got a sneaky attack to everyday life," Schneider attests. "It's fun to be around."

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The Just Shoot Me! actor may have been lauded by his co-stars for his comedic genius but it wasn't all smiles for him on the set, as he had to film a scene in which his character is kicked below the belt. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't just his character being kicked.

"I get kicked, and I'm getting scared because it's...a few seconds on camera but it's my whole morning," Spade reveals. "So, they keep putting more and more pads down there and they go, 'You'll never feel.' I feel it every time."

Although the lighthearted bunch predominantly cracks jokes during the interview as one might expect, Schneider takes a serious moment when discussing having his longtime friend and co-star Sandler as a boss for the film.

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"You've written this script and these parts and we want to make you happy," Schneider said to Sandler, with whom he has worked on 18 films. "...We want to make it good, and also, when could this ever happen again? This is very special."

It happened again three years later, and the finished product, Grown Ups 2, is in theaters July 12.