Vergara Opens Fire in New 'Machete Kills' Trailer

Open Road Films

The first trailer for Machete Kills has been let loose upon the world – in Spanish – and we have a first look! Director Robert Rodriguez and title star Danny Trejo are on hand to introduce the over-the-top movie that looks to best Machete at every turn, from cameos by Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen (going by his given name Carlos Estevez) as the President of the United States to a machine-gun-firing-bra-wearing Sofia Vergara makin' 'em eat lead…

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In the sequel to 2010's Machete, Sofia plays a Mexican madam formerly known as "Maneater"! Of course, Trejo is back as the relentless, titular anti-hero, this time recruited by the president for a special mission that will grant Machete his freedom as well as an opportunity to fulfill his own personal vendetta. Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Amber Heard, Demian Bichir and Cuba Gooding Jr. also star.

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Machete Kills spills blood in theaters September 13.