Exclusive: Melissa McCarthy, Celebrity Stalker?


Is Melissa McCarthy a little too obsessed with her Identity Thief co-star Robert Patrick? In this exclusive clip from the new Identity Thief Blu-ray Combo pack special features, out June 4, McCarthy jokes that her obsession with the veteran actor and former Terminator 2: Judgment Day star may have been a little unhealthy.

Pics: Stars on Set

"He's such an absolute peach and I kept thinking, 'Oh my god, like, the Terminator's driving my van!'" says Melissa with a child-like grin. "He's probably sick of me being, like, 'Can I take one more picture of you? Is that okay?' Like, I literally have like 700 pictures of him. I got creepy."

Video: It's McCarthy vs. Bateman in 'Identity Thief' Trailer 

Patrick plays a "skiptracer" -- a mix of bounty hunter and debt collector -- on the tail of McCarthy and Jason Bateman in the cross-country comedy. McCarthy is con artist in Miami who is enjoying retail bliss courtesy of an I.D. that belongs to Bateman's accounts rep who lives in Denver. A regular guy forced to extreme measures to clear his name and extremely bad credit, Bateman hunts down McCarthy in an attempt to bring her to justice by himself – and quickly finds out it ain't easy to wrangle, coax or even bribe her to travel to Denver in order to get his life back on track.