Flashback: Steve Carell Screams at Julie Andrews?

Flashback: Steve Carell Screams at Julie Andrews?

With Steve Carell's "Gru" returning for more mischief in Despicable Me 2, let's take a trip back a few years to the first computer-animated comedy to hear Carell and the cast talk about the film and why he enjoys yelling at co-star Julie Andrews.

Three years ago, the Office actor teamed up with Andrews, who plays his mother "Marlena" in the film, as well as How I Met Your Mother actor Jason Segel, iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove, and an assortment of other well-known actors.

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As Carell's star continued to rise with films like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Evan Almighty, and Get Smart in addition to his role on The Office, he was asked how much clout he had on Despicable Me.

"When I ask for things, like, 'I want Julie Andrews in the studio [with me],' I will scream it at people," Carell replies. "Then, I'll scream at Julie Andrews, and she is so lovely and nice, but because I've become such a big deal now, I feel compelled to be mean to Julie Andrews."

Carell was joking, of course, about berating Andrews, but his character surely wouldn't have minded scolding Andrews', as she is far from the pleasant person Andrews is said to be in her real life.

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"What a delicious character this lady is, and she's so awful!" Andrews says of her character, who is constantly pestering Carell's. "I think she's wonderfully awful. She's the meanest mum around."

In his quest to be the world's most wicked super villain, Carell's despicably evil character eventually softens us with the help of some bright, young bundles of energy.

"When you have kids, it changes everything," says Carell, father of two. "It changes your perspective on yourself, on your work, on the world around you, and your priorities completely shift. To watch that happen to a super villain, I think, is pretty funny and also kind of moving in a weird way."

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Watch the full flashback above for more from Carell, Andrews, Segel, and Cosgrove on Despicable Me in 2010.

The upcoming sequel, Despicable Me 2, takes over theaters July 3.