Brad Hints at Private Birthday Gift for Angie


Angelina Jolie turns 38 years young today, and the birthday girl spent her special day helping Brad Pitt promote his new summer thriller World War Z at the Berlin premiere. So what did Brad get for his main squeeze?

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"Oh that's private, that's private," laughed Brad, who offered up, "You know, something for the global woman, something for the mother, something dirty -- always."

Without being specific, Brad said that the couple had friends in town to help celebrate at a post-premiere party.

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World War Z opens nationwide June 21, and Brad explained that his kids convinced him to make the zombie apocalypse movie: "They are the ones who got me into it, but this film is so much more than that. It's not like the genre films you've seen before. We weren't going to do it unless we could originate it some way. The book has such an interesting take on it, it's more of a kind of global pandemic. And what we ended up with is this big summer fun film. It's so much fun. We are really happy for people to see it. It's so intense."