5 Questions with 'The Internship' Star

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Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn's long-awaited big screen reunion in The Internship was a can't miss comedy event for many. Including the film's younger actors.

But after checking out the high-tech, high-concept movie (Wilson & Vaughn attempt to secure jobs at Google by competing with the best college graduates around), it's Tiya Sircar, Dylan O'Brien and the other young upstarts who steal the dot comedy. Which is quite an accomplishment as Sircar tells ETonline she had absolutely no improv experience before filming began!

ETonline: What did you think of The Internship when you first read it?

Tiya Sircar: Initially, I was like, "Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson doing a comedy together again? Heck yeah!" I'm a huge fan of both of theirs, and a huge fan of Wedding Crashers, so I knew this would be hilarious. Then I had to figure out what I had to do to be in this movie. I hadn't played too many roles that were written too close to what I actually am, so come hell or high water, I was going to get this role. And I'm so glad it went my way.

ETonline: All the characters go through a rigorous application process, What was the audition process like?

Sircar: It was sort of an unusual twist to the whole thing; initially it was like any prospective job but then I had to do a chemistry test with Vince Vaughn. That was thrilling and terrifying at the same time. It's an amazing opportunity, but you know it's going to be the improv lesson of a lifetime. Which is was. They wanted to make sure I could hold my own with Vince. I don't know how I passed that test, but I did and I'm so happy.

ETonline: Did you have any background in improv?

Sircar: I don't. I can say that now that I got the job and the movie is in the can [laughs]. Improv comedy was not in my wheelhouse, so it was a scary undertaking. Especially jumping in and improving with people as skilled as Vince and Owen. But they made it so easy. you never felt judged or tested; it was daunting at first but once we started filming, it was just fun every single day.

ETonline: What appealed to you about playing this character?

Sircar: I am Indian-American, but I often play ethnically ambiguous roles. I don't often get Indian girl roles because I'm "not Indian enough." Which is true, I'm from Texas. In this case, it's an Indian-American college student, and I can certainly identify with that. I mean, she's much smarter than I am, but I also appreciate that she's not a dork just because she's a smart girl. I feel like that's not represented enough in pop culture these days.

ETonline: The movie actually filmed at Google -- what was it like working there?

Sircar: I can hardly believe that place exists in real life. It's almost too good to be true. If I didn't love acting, I would love to work at Google ...if they'd have me. They have the coolest perks a workplace can have. They encourage you to bring your dog to work, they feed you constantly -- sushi, fresh-pressed juices -- there’s naptime, there's dance classes. Their philosophy is, if you keep your employees well-fed and well-rested with puppies, you'll have the happiest employees. We took an impromptu tour one day and we happened upon this bowling alley and there were like 15 people bowling and drinking. Who wouldn't want to work there?!?

Check out a fun on-set video!

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