Jamie Chung Dishes: Is 'The Hangover' Truly Done?


As she and a sort of celebrities supported the arts at an event for Children Mending Hearts this weekend, Jamie Chung dished on The Hangover franchise and whether or not she thinks Part III will really be the last installment.

"I feel more fortunate to be a part, but I'm sad that they're ending," said Chung, who joined the franchise in Part II as "Lauren Price."

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Although the franchise's cast and crew have tagged Part III as the concluding film to the comedy trilogy, fervent fans aren't ruling out the hope that the cast might reunite for another film or a potential spin-off.

"It'd be really excited to go on another adventure with those guys, but I think they're retiring...'The Hangover,'" the 30-year-old actress said.

Chung was one of many Hollywood figures in attendance at this weekend's 1st Annual Children Mending Hearts Style Sunday, hosted by jcpenney, Under Armour, and Vikingfjord Vodka, to support the empowerment of disadvantaged youth through educational and arts programs.

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"I went to a public school growing up and I was fortunate enough to still have arts in schools and it was a huge impact in my life," the Sucker Punch actress said of the importance of the arts.

"Now that there's less funding for public schools...the arts is usually the first thing to go, so I think what this is doing is helping extracurricular activities for the kids and putting arts back in schools and I think that's really important to do."

Also attending the event was actress Kelly Preston, who endearingly introduced Quincy Jones to the podium at the event, honoring his unrivaled commitment to the arts community throughout the years.

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"It's a beautiful concept to take these children, who are at risk and who are in trouble, and give them something of purpose and teach them, and through the arts and through education feel that they can connect with children across the world," Preston said. "It's brilliant; it's beautiful."