Franco Asks Public For $500,000 For New Films

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Following behind the successful Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign and the not-so-successful public funding ventures of Zach Braff and Girls star Zosia Mamet, James Franco wants you to come out of pocket and help him raise $500,000.

The This Is The End actor is looking to make his series of short stories into movies (Memoria, Killing Animals and Yosemite), and has decided to do this through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. "We just need a little more help," Franco, 35, says to camera in an effort to raise money. "I'm putting money into these projects because I believe in them and I believe in these filmmakers. These stories are very important to me and very personal."

FINAL JAMES FRANCO PALO ALTO INDIEGOG - Computer from Rabbit Bandini Productions on Vimeo.

While some may be asking why Franco and his millionaire friends don't put up the cash, this project is a little different from the similar ones attempted by other celebrities. Franco says any money made from the films will go to the charity Art of Elysium. "This is the best way to make movies," the Oscar nominee ensures possible benefactors. "Because in this way the movies we want to make get made in the ways we want to make them. The only consideration is to make the best movies possible. I see these projects as great opportunities for all kinds of collaboration."

As of now, Franco has raised $21,930 with 30 days left to go.