Channing Tatum on 'White House Down' Stunts


In his upcoming action-thriller White House Down, Channing Tatum is tasked with saving the U.S. President (portrayed by Jamie Foxx) from a paramilitary group, which requires some wild heroics.

On the set of White House Down, in theaters June 28, ET caught up with Tatum and discussed his action-packed role as police officer "John Cale" and the physical demand of the role's stunts.

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"It's a dirty job," Tatum reveals. "...Your day wakes up when you start getting slammed and thrown around a kitchen and jumping around an elevator shaft, so it's fun."

Although he enjoyed the action-filled stunts, his big-screen rival, played by Jason Clarke, takes some serious battering, which was unfortunately not just experienced by Clarke's character.

VIDEO: White House Goes 'Down' in Trailer

"Channing was big and he was strong," Clarke said. "The reality of that is two broken ribs and a badly twisted ankle."

Check out ET's full visit to the set of White House Down above.