Do Foxx and Tatum Have Real Chemistry?

Do Foxx and Tatum Have Real Chemistry?

Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx team up on-screen in White House Down as Tatum's character attempts to save the president (Foxx) from an attack, but what is their chemistry like off the set?

As witnessed in their comical music video, Tatum and Foxx assure that they have genuine chemistry and had high praises for one another.

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"I respect Jamie on so many levels," Tatum said of his co-star. "I don't think there's anyone in the business at the moment that can dance, sing, act and create, write—everything. He's a huge, unbelievable talent."

Foxx returned Tatum's kind words with some endearing remarks of his own.

"The chemistry that was crazy on 'Jimmy Kimmel,' everybody talked about," Foxx said of the bond between them. "This guy ducks a little bit; he plays under a little bit. We actually did the song, he came over, killed on the microphone, he's athletic, we played basketball, all these different things.

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"What's great about him is he wasn't taking anything too serious[ly]. ... People go crazy over this guy and that's a welcome quality in this business."

Watch the two team up in White House Down June 28.