Sandra Bullock Puts on 'Pig Face' in 'The Heat'

Sandra Bullock Puts on 'Pig Face' in 'The Heat'

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy team up in the buddy-cop movie The Heat and they revealed to ET at last night's New York premiere that one of the movie's funniest scenes was completely improvised!

"Pig face was very big in my family and kind of still is," said Bullock about the scene in the movie where she and McCarthy tape their noses and make faces at each other. "If you don't have a lot of money, you can do a lot of fun things with tape. It could be a bra, or it could be pig face. So I though I would lend my childhood to the film," she added.

Bullock also talked about playing with tape with her three-year-old son Louis, but joked that sometimes she can take it too far. "It's a little frightening though -- the faces I make are a little scary because I really go for it," she said.

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McCarthy explains how the face-taping scene was improvised and said the challenge of the film was to make sure the cop characters were believable as well as funny.

Watch the video for more interviews, including director Paul Feig and Backstreet Boys singer Joey McIntyre, who talks about having fun on and off the set with his female co-stars!

The Heat hits theaters this Friday.

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