Exclusive: Supermodel Agyness Deyn Strips


Though you might be used to seeing supermodel Agyness Deyn in the pages of Vogue and in countless high-fashion advertisements, get ready to see her in a whole new light, as she takes on her first movie role in Pusher.

In Pusher, a remake of a 1996 Danish movie of the same title that revolves around dope dealer Frank (Richard Cole) and a drug deal that goes horribly south, Deyn plays his complex and vulnerable girlfriend Flo -- who also happens to be a stripper.

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"Flo has two sides -- one is very vulnerable, quite childlike, a real dreamer ...and then there's this other side of her which, when she's at work -- where she's like this vixen," Deyn, 30, says about her character. "She puts on her wig and her stripper outfits, and she's this totally different person."

Check out this exclusive video to see Deyn impressively playing a heroin addict who's "spiraling out of control in quite a secretive way."

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Pusher is out on DVD Tuesday, June 25.