Tatum: Foxx's Biceps Are Twice As Big As Mine


Though Channing Tatum plays a policeman who has to spring into action to protect the president (Jamie Foxx) in the highly anticipated summer action film White House Down, according to Tatum, Foxx is actually the tougher of the two!

"Jamie's huge. They had to put a ginormous jacket on him because his biceps were about twice the size as mine. So I was trying to look all tough with somebody that's way tougher than I am," Tatum laughs. " ... I don't think I'd be saving anybody -- I'd be like, 'Awww man, you got this?'"

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But Foxx, 45, was filled with nothing but praise for the 33-year-old heartthrob, especially his undeniable appeal with the ladies.

"He's got it," Foxx says about his charismatic co-star. "And any time he shows the side of him where there's a woman involved -- meaning how he cares for a woman, whether it's his child, his daughter or the woman that he loves -- I think it just blows people away."

And true to his reputation, Channing paid a sweet compliment to his on-screen daughter Emily, played by 13-year-old Joey King.

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"I fell in love with her," he says about King, whom he obviously got close to while filming. "It's crazy that I had my first daughter in this movie, and then Jena and I conceived while we were shooting this movie. ... She wipes the floor with almost everybody in this. She's incredible -- in this movie, and just an incredible actress in general."

White House Down hits theaters June 28.