'Turbo' Jokesters Ryan & Sam Play Name Game


Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson took the opportunity to make fun of each others' last names while talking about Turbo, their new CGI-animated comedy adventure in theaters July 17, with ET's Rocsi Diaz.

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In the underdog tale, Ryan voices the title character -- an average everyday garden snail-turned speed demon by a freak accident -- and in talking about underdog experiences in their own lives, the conversation turned to nepotism in the entertainment industry, and how neither star got any help despite their common last names.

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Snoop Lion and Michael Pena were also on hand to talk about their underdog experiences, plus what their kids think of them becoming animated characters! Watch the fun-filled video...

Directed by David Soren, Turbo also features the vocal talents of Paul Giamatti, Michelle Rodriguez, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, Ken Jeong and Luis Guzman.