Debi Mazar Loses Out On Film Role to Katy Perry

Getty Images

Debi Mazar has been in the acting game for some time, perhaps best known for her roles in Empire Records and Entourage, but admitted on Tuesday, July 2, that she lost out on a role to pop star Katy Perry, a newbie to the world of serious acting.

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Mazar, 48, tweeted her disbelief for being passed up for a part by the 28-year-old pop star, writing:

Not wanting to seem mean, the actress added:

Perry does have some big-screen experience. She is the voice of Smurfette in Smurfs and Smurfs 2, and had her biopic Part of Me released in 2012.

Still no word on what movie Mazar is referring to, but given the information we do have, who would you cast: Mazar or Perry? Play casting director in the comments!