'Pacific Rim' Cast Responds to Kanye's Comments


At Tuesday's Los Angeles premiere of the sci-fi film Pacific Rim, the cast reacted to a recent assessment of the film made by rapper Kanye West.

Although West is often known for his mercurial personality, the Yeezus rapper had nothing but praises for the Guillermo del Toro film, posting on Twitter:

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"That's pretty cool. That's got to give us some street cred, I think," said star Charlie Hunnam.

Although West is no movie critic, his comments on Twitter were widely picked up by the media, as the 36-year-old forthright rapper rarely uses Twitter as a medium for publicizing his thoughts.

West also included a nod to director Guillermo del Toro, who said he was delighted by West's Tweet.

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"Yes, I saw that," del Toro replied when asked about West's comments. "I feel very, very happy, very honored. The fact that the three vectors are coinciding—critics, celebrities, and word-of-mouth screenings—have been giving us incredible results all over the country."

While most of the cast expressed gratitude for West's comments, not every actor was impressed.

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"Oh, Kanye? Kanye...I mean, mhm, not bad," Rob Kazinsky said with a slightly sarcastic undertone. "I mean, it's nice to get anybody that thinks our film's great, and the response has been fantastic."

Watch the video for more from the premiere of Pacific Rim, which hits theaters beginning Thursday (July 11) at 7 p.m.