Exclusive Clip: 'The To Do List'


Connie Britton brought to life one of the best TV mothers of all-time with Friday Night Lights' Tami Taylor. But in her new movie, The To Do List, Britton embraces a very un-Tami approach to mothering as her daughter attempts to cram a lifetime's worth of sexual experience into one summer.

TRAILER - The To Do List

Britton's big screen family is rounded out by Clark Gregg (as her old fashioned husband), Rachel Bilson (as her sexually experienced eldest) and Aubrey Plaza (as her sexually inexperienced youngest).

VIDEO FLASHBACK - Connie Dazzles at 2011 Emmys

ETonline scored an exclusive clip from the hilariously raunchy and hugely heart-warming new comedy that reveals the apple might not fall too far from the tree. Watch!

The To Do List
opens July 26.