Adam Sandler's Red Carpet Style Secrets


Known for his, let's say "casual," way of dressing for movie premieres, Adam Sandler revealed his secrets to ET on how he always gets so red carpet ready at the Grown Ups 2 premiere in New York City Wednesday night.

"Just a little bit of sweat on the forehead, you know, loose shirt, try not to show the gut too much," he joked. "Loose pants -- try not to show any bulges. And .... don't tie the sneakers."

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And because Adam Sandler always sets the bar so low, his co-star Chris Rock shared that it works to his advantage.

"The beauty is that Adam Sandler never gets dressed up," he explained. "So you can kind of wear anything -- because you know he's not gonna be dressed. [Tonight] he does look like ... he's trying."

But on a more serious note, Rock described Sandler as a great friend.

"Hey man, I always tell kids, 'Choose friends wisely.' I chose Adam Sandler -- I lucked up."

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With the movie featuring plenty of child actors, David Spade -- who did a movie focusing on the life of a former child star, 2003's Dickie Roberts -- also got semi-serious when giving advice about growing up in Hollywood.

"It's hard -- It's hard to handle it as an adult, and it's good and it's bad ... you make money, you don't. It's hard to keep your head together. I'm obviously a mess," he said. "But if you're Sandler and you constantly have money and everything's going well, it might not be quite as hard. But for everyone else it's tough. I feel for the kids because there's part of it that they don't know what they're getting into. Kids that act, their moms are always saying, 'They wanted to act.' I'm like yeah, I wanted to eat a whole bag of Halloween candy. You have to say no sometimes."

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Grown Ups 2 hits theaters Friday, July 12.